Aquatica Ships Housing for Sony a1

The folks at Aquatica have announced their housing for the Sony a1 mirrorless camera. It offers access to all camera controls and is compatible with all Aquatica’s ports. It ships with the complete Surveyor vacuum system as standard and is offered with Nikonos, Ikelite, or fiber optic strobe triggering options.

The Aquatica A1 housing is shipping now, priced at $3,199.

Press release

A1 Housing for the Sony a1 full-frame mirrorless Camera!

MSRP: $3,199. 00 USD

Price includes your choice of strobe connectors & our complete vacuum, sensor & pump system:

We are proud to present one of our latest housings: The A1 for the Sony a1 camera! Continuing in Aquatica’s reputation for offering premium quality and at affordable prices, the A1 housing has the finest ergonomics and control accessibility combined with the famed ruggedness of our all-aluminum construction and distinctive hard coating.

About the Camera:

The Sony a1

About the Housing:

As to be expected with all Aquatica housings, it is CNC machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum with a MIL-A-8625 anodized coating and added on top a baked-on, extra-tough powder coat paint. All control shafts and push buttons are made from T304 stainless steel. This, as for all our housings, will take a licking and keep going!

Surveyor monitoring system INCLUDED

What was previously an optional accessory, we now include our field-proven Surveyor Vacuum System (Pump, valve, and sensor) as standard.


The Aquatica A1 housing is supplied with our Galileo type eyepiece. This high-quality and coated optical finder gives a bright and full view of the viewfinder. For those seeking the ultimate in viewing for still image, the optional Aqua View Finder, available in straight and 45 degrees version, are among the best of the industry, they can easily be installed in a matter of a few minutes by the user. The enlarged and enhanced image provided by the Aqua View Finder (#20054 & 20059) is second to none in clarity; it provides the photographer with tack sharp corner to corner viewing of the camera viewfinder for composing and critical focusing.

Specifications: Part Number:

Composition: Aerospace grade 6061 T6 Aluminum with MIL-A-8625 Anodized Coating then finished with a baked-on, super tough, abrasion-resistant powder coat paint. Control shafts and all push buttons are T304 Stainless Steel
HDMI: Large 23.75mm (.950 inch) HDMI Bulkhead Opening
Depth Rating: 90m ~ 300 ft. Can be upgraded to 130m, ~ 450 ft with our deep spring kit
Weight: 2.2 kg/4.8 lbs without handles, 2.6kg/5.7 lbs with handles
Dimensions: 250mm x 163mm x127mm 9.8”x 6.4” x 5” (without handles)
350mm x 163mm x 127mm 13.8” x 6” x 5” (with handles)
Port System: Compatible with all Aquatica DSLR sized Bayonet Mount Ports

Supported Accessories:


List of controls:
2. Shutter button
3. C1 button
4. C2 button
5. Front Dial
6. AF-ON button
7. Record/movie button
8. AEL button
9. Mode dial
10. Exposure compensation dial
11. Rear dial
12. Multi-selector (ISO,Disp,Drive)
13. Fn button
14. Control wheel
15. C4 / Delete button
16. Zoom/focus knob
17. Menu button
18. C3 button
19. Playback button

For more information, please email Or Call 514-737-9481.

Available in custom colors, please inquire.