Behind the Shot: Sergio Riccardo


Sergio Riccardo has shared a photo that is full of personality on the Wetpixel Facebook page. Here is the story behind his shot of a trigger fish in Ras Mohammed.

“Exactly 15 years ago I inserted Sharm el Sheikh in my “black list” of places that I would not have visited. We went back to work as a guests of Coral Bay, and I changed my mind. This is mainly due to Pierpaolo Peluso and the Staff of the Sheikh Coast Diving & Kiting Center who assisted me impeccably, making me discover new places but also taking care of me and my whole group of friends.

The 3rd day of diving, Pierpaolo told me he would take me to meet an unusual trigger fish. I replied, “A simple trigger fish?!” Piepaolo said, “Trust me, and then tell me.”

We went to Ras Mohammed and had a 30-minute immersion encounter with this cute blue Balestra. I mounted on my Seacam peer D800E the Fish eye macro port with 15 mm Sigma lens. As soon as I realized the irritating behavior of Balesta mailed once a diaphragm very closed, I lowered the shutter and I reduced the power of my second Sea & Sea strobe. The fish did the rest. We were playing with it for 15 minutes. Then, with our air out and back in the boat I showed the live view pictures to the amazement of all participants. A big beautiful day.”

You can find the Facebook photo here.