Behind the Shot: The sheep family


Yansu Junk, divemaster at Matahari Tulamben Dive Resort, has shared a photo of three Shaun the Sheep nudibranchs on the Wetpixel Facebook page that has turned out to be very popular. Here Yansu shares with us how he got the shot and the settings he used.

I’ve had a lot of opportunities to photograph this nudi, but I only want to share it when there are some together. This is the last time I took a photograph of one, during mating season. Here are the steps I took to photograph these creatures: First I wanted all three of these nudis staring into the face of my camera. It took time as well, because it is a very rare natural moment. I took this picture in the afternoon. This type of nudibranch lives in water at a depth of about 20-25 meters. These creatures are super tiny, so it was soo hard to get their faces really sharp.

Common name : Shaun the Sheep nudibranch

Scientifific name : Costasiella sp.

Date taken : 09 December 2015

Location : Tulamben Bali, Indonesia

Divesite : Segara Tulamben, Bali

Camera : Canon Powershot S110

Diopter : Aquako IV & Aquako II

Strobe : 1x Sea&Sea Ys01

Setting : 1/250 sec F7.1 ISO 100

Find the photograph here.