Borneo from below: Nudibranchs

Borneo From Below has posted their latest episode in their free web series. This week’s episode features nudibranchs, as well as a two-headed nudibranch and is titled, Teenage Mutant Ninja Sea Slug. The web series is produced by Scubazoo.

“Have you ever seen anything quite as bizarre as this two-headed sea slug!? With over 3,000 species and coming in all shapes, sizes and colours, nudibranchs are fascinating critters. Some steal their prey’s defences to use as their own, whilst others power themselves using the sun. And now Scubazoo’s presenter Aaron “Bertie” Gekoski discovers they can even grow TWO HEADS! Come and see the weird world of nudis in Episode 2 of Borneo From Below, which includes this world-first. Found off the coast of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.”

two heads