CineBags Announces Square Grouper XL 3.0

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CineBags has announced a new version of their CB80 Square Grouper. The XL 3.0 is larger, designed to accommodate bigger housings and arms, and is constructed of the same tarpaulin fabric, which allows it to serve double duty as a personal rinse tank when required.

The CB80 Square Grouper XL, 3.0 is hipping now, please consult your local dealer for pricing.

Press release

CineBags releases the CB80 Square Grouper XL, 3.0

CineBags is proud to announce the 3rd generation of our popular Square Grouper housing carrier.

Inspired by our dive expeditions, stretching from the ocean depths of Mexico to the Philippines, our team of divers and designers at CineBags are excited to bring you a new series of products. With the adventure camera crew in mind, we have created the Square Grouper XL.

The CineBags CB80 Square Grouper XL is designed to be a compact and collapsible home base for your camera rig to and from the dive boat. With the Grouper, there is no need to share a rinse bucket with your fellow divers. Knowing that your rig is protected, you can focus on the adventure.

New features include:

The CB80 Square GrouperXL will be available from your local underwater photography store around the world.