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DeepPro has launched a new housing for GoPro HERO 3 and 3+ cameras. The GPH3 aluminum housing features a dome port that increases the GoPro’s in water field of view underwater to that of it at the surface and does not vignette even in Superwide mode. It also reduces the minimum focus distance to 6” and has bulkhead allowing for the use of an external monitor or recorder.

The DeepPro GPH3 is available to pre-order now with an eventual retail price of $1,295.00.

Press release

DeepPro Systems Announces the DeepPro GPH3 Domed Underwater Housing for pre-order.

Bellingham, WA - March 25, 2014 - DeepPro Systems announces the release of a high end underwater optically corrected waterproof housing for the GoPro® line of cameras.

Our new GPH3 Domed Underwater Housing is designed to obtain the highest quality underwater video and still images possible while keeping diver handling in mind too.

The DeepPro GPH3 Domed Housing has several great features:

Finally: A GoPro Underwater Housing With Corrected Optics:

The new DeepPro GPH3 Domed Housing is designed for the GoPro® Hero 3 and 3+ cameras with the goal of providing the best wide angle image for the professional film maker.

The stock GoPro housing has a flat port design and has optical limitations underwater. In fact any waterproof camera housing with a flat port design will experience underwater a 33% reduction in the camera’s Field of View (FOV) due to light refraction. Subjects will appear closer and the image quality at the frame edges experience softness due to Chromatic Aberration (CA) when using a wide angle lens.

The new DeepPro GPH3 Domed Housing for the GoPro® uses a built in concentric dome port system which eliminates the optical shortfalls inherent in a flat port design. Our housing’s design fully restores the camera’s underwater field of view to be equivalent to the cameras above water FOV. For the first time, the using the DeepPro Domed housing that GoPro® signature wide angle look can now be fully realized underwater.

The DeepPro GPH3 Domed housing supports all of the Hero3 and Hero3+ imaging aspect ratios and recording modes including the new SuperWide® mode without any vignetting (corner cut off or darkening). The dome port design means that image sharpness at the edges has been much improved as Chromatic Aberration is reduced and one great benefit from this design is that the camera’s minimum focus distance is now around six inches from the dome.

Experienced underwater videographers know that the closer you get to your subject, the better the image. The GPH3 Domed housing’s extra wide angle of coverage and closer focusing capabilities allows you to move closer to your subject and record higher quality images. See for yourself comparison videos taken with this new domed housing vs. a flat port housing at www.DeepProSystems.com.

DeepProSystem designer Mike Meagher says, “I’m really excited how our new GoPro housing will allow the underwater filmmaker to obtain a much wider and sharper image approaching the quality of a much more expensive and physically larger video system…but at less than one half the total cost. This smaller sized housing is also a joy to dive and to pack and travel with.”

The DeepPro GPH3 Underwater housing and accessories are now available for pre-order online at our website www.deepprosystems.com Visit our website to read more about this new underwater housing and to see product photos.

DeepPro Systems® specializes in the design and manufacture of quality Underwater video Housings and support equipment for the underwater film maker.

DeepPro Systems has a design and marketing office located in Bellingham Washington, and our manufacturing facility is located in Anaheim, CA. USA.

Come visit us and see the new GPH3 Domed Housing at booth 826 at the SCUBA and H20 Adventure Show at Smith Cove – Pier 91, Seattle WA April 5th and 6th.

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