DEMA 2008: 10Bar Underwater Housings

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October 22, 2008 - 2:20 PM

10Bar Underwater Housings had a variety of new housings for Nikon, Canon, Panasonic and Sony cameras and accessories. L C Ng directed me to an aluminum housing for none other than Canon’s flagship 1D/1Ds Mark III digital SLR. The housing featured dual S6 bulkheads, and composite handles with a unique built-in fingertip shutter release (connected to the remote cable that plugs into the side of the camera) and ULCS strobe balls.

Also on display was an aluminum housing for the Canon 40D, rated to 300ft and with a single S6 bulkhead and dome port (though standard with a flat port for the Canon 17-85 IS zoom lens), and polycarbonate housings for the Sony A350 and Nikon D90. The housings for Canon and Nikon cameras have bulkheads appropriate for eTTL2 and iTTL compatibility, respectively, and one has the option to choose between bayonet or threaded port connection.

I was informed that 10Bar’s original 580EX flash housing was compatible with the new 580EX II, but that they would also bring out a second version to correct some button placement issue - the case is the same in terms of the new Nikon SB900 flash fitting in the SB800 flash housing.