DVD highlights underwater imaging careers

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A new DVD has been released that showcases potential careers in diving. Included among the occupations are the roles of underwater photographer, cinematographer and wildlife videographer. The featured professionals in these fields are Amanda Cotton, Hilaire Brosio and Lance Milbrand.

The DVD is available now priced at $13.95.

Press release

Careers of Underwater Photographers and Videographers Featured in Careers in Diving DVD

For anyone who loves the ocean, being outdoors, traveling, and meeting interesting people, a career in diving might just be more adventure than work! Underwater videographer, Steve Barsky and his marine biologist wife, Kristine, spent more than a year interviewing and filming divers in California, Washington, and Little Cayman to produce a new DVD video that explores 17 different careers that take people underwater to do their jobs. In this DVD, learn what skills are needed for each job, where the jobs are, and what it takes to succeed.

Professional underwater photographers and videographers are specially featured in this project. Included are:
* Amanda Cotton – professional underwater still photographer.
* Hilaire Brosio - Hollywood Cinematographer.
* Lance Milbrand - Wildlife Videographer.

Each interview in Careers in Diving also includes photographs and/or video footage of the actual work that each person does. Included are marine biologists tagging lobsters, sheriff’s divers jumping from helicopters, underwater photographers filming sharks, marine scientists diving under the ice, and much more! Each diving professional explains the positive and negative aspects of their jobs, although unanimously, each person interviewed is enthusiastic about what they do.

Careers in Diving, also includes the following people in other professions who have made diving their life’s work: Rod Buckler - California Dept. Fish and Wildlife Warden
Dave Carver - Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dive Team Leader, Los Angeles.
Bobby Chacon - FBI Dive Team Leader.
Darryl Deleske – Marine Collector – Marinus Scientific.
Glen Fritzler - Dive Boat Captain/Owner - Truth Aquatics.
Szilvia Gogh - Underwater Stuntwoman.
Matt Kay - Marine Biologist – Instructor, Santa Barbara City College.
Chris Nelson - Sea Urchin Diver.
Renee Pelissier - Scuba Equipment Marketing – Ocean Technology Systems.
Karen Praxel - Scuba Instructor – Ocean Adventures Dive Company.
Jim Smith - Dive Store Owner – Ventura Dive and Sport.
Diana Steller - Diving Safety Officer - Moss Landing Marine Laboratory.
Sharon Van Niekirk - Dive Guide – Little Cayman Beach Resort.
Erik Woltjen - Commercial Diver – Global Diving and Salvage.

Careers in Diving was written, directed and filmed by Steven M. Barsky, a full-time professional in the diving field, who has worked as a commercial diver, underwater photographer, diving author, and diving consultant.

The run time for the program 125 minutes, but each interview can be individually viewed via the scene selection menu. The disk also includes several bonus features including deleted scenes as well director and producer bios. The program is delivered as a Standard Definition 16X9 DVD video. ISBN 978-0-9740923-7-9

Watch a preview of the DVD at the Hammerhead Press website. See sample segments including a marine biologist and a sea urchin diver on YouTube. The suggested retail price is $13.95, and it can be ordered from the Hammerhead Press website, along with other diving books and DVDs.