DxO Labs goes into receivership

DxO Labs on Wetpixel

Canon Rumors reports that at least a part of DxO Labs has gone into receivership. There are official notices stating that an administrator has been appointed as of 16 March. The company, which is the software arm of DxO, may well be simply be reorganizing its business after hiving off from DxOMark in January.

DxO Labs acquired the Nik Collection of plugins from Google in October last year and had planned to develop new versions for release in mid-2018. It rem,aoms to be seen weather this announcement affects these plans

In reply to a query from a customer, DxO Labs stated:

Hello sir,

In fact, the company has recently been placed under a regime of judicial administration, the time to reorganize.

Although we can not comment on this situation, we can nevertheless assure you that the company is absolutely not in liquidation and that we are confident that our customers will not be affected by this procedure.

We hope that this reorganization is successful and our thoughts are with the company’s employees at what must be a worrying time.