Easydive announces iPhone 11 compatibility

Easydive has announced that their Leo 3 SMART and Diveshot housings are compatible with the iPhone 11. With the Diveshot, it is simply a matter of downloading the Diveshot App onto the new iPhone. With the Leo3 Smart, it is necessary to order a new camera holder panel and then download the Leo3 Smart App.

In other news from the company, they have successfully secured a North American patent for: “An underwater case for containing a device, such as a camera, a tv camera and the like comprised also in mobile telephones, smartphones, tablets and the like, comprising control means, arranged on a portion of the underwater case, for activating the device when it is positioned internally of the underwater case, comprised an integrated connection module in wireless mode for activating the device by the control means.

In short, Easydive now holds the North American patent for wireless control of cameras and smartphones in housings.