Easydive is shipping Comby smartphone and GoPro system

Easydive are now shipping their Comby housing system which combines Android smartphones in the company’s Diveshot housing and GoPro action cameras in the Carbonarm Hero housing. The two devise communicate via wifi, allowing the GoPro to be controlled via the smartphone, and the smartphone’s screen to be used as an external monitor.

The Easydive Comby is available in 3 versions: Basic, Silver, and Gold. The Silver adds the option of using a power supply from the Diveshot housing, while the Gold adds an Android smartphone.

They are priced at €859.82, €1064.78 and €1228.70 respectively (excluding local taxes.)

From Easydive’s website

Easydive Comby

Comby is the new incredible combination that Easydive engineers have created for GoPro lovers and more! With this combination you can have full control of your GoPro, taking advantage of the large screen of your smartphone and the ease of use of the Diveshot housing.

You will then have two housings: the Diveshot and the GoPro Hero Case Carbonarm, which you can use independently or in combination.

Available in 3 versions:


The Basic version includes:


The Silver version includes:


The Gold version includes:

To guarantee the maximum Comby system performance, use only the SD cards recommended by the Official GoPro page:

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Further details: