Easydive ships DivePad housing

Easydive has released its DivePad housing for iOS and Android tablets. The universal housings word with all current models with screens up to 10” diagonal screen size. With iPads, all advanced camera function is enabled via Easydive’s Divepad App (available from the App Store,) whole with Android tablets, the control unit accesses keyboard mode and hence applications on the tablet, along with the advanced photo and video features.

The Easydive DivePad is shipping now, priced at €1,139.35 excusing local taxes.

From Easydive’s website

The housing is made from a solid block of anticorodal aluminum, processed by numerically controlled milling cutters, and subsequently anodized for maximum resistance over time against wear and saltiness.

Robustness and ease of use have been put at the center of the design process.

The watertight seal is guaranteed by a double O-ring on the back and by 8 stainless steel lever latches.

Internally, double adjustable caliper support has been designed, which allows you to fix your tablet firmly and quickly. On the right side, there is a 6Ah power bank that allows additional autonomy to your tablet.

The tablet is controlled by the electronics inside the case: once the Bluetooth is switched on, the connection is automatically activated by pressing the power button. The buttons equipped with optical sensors enabled us to eliminate physical keys.

The electronic board is equipped with an internal battery that provides autonomy of about 14 hours and that is recharged via a USB-C connector in about 30 minutes.

Further Details

Compatible with iPad iOS up to 10” and with all Android tablet up to 10”

The tablet communicates with the housing via a Bluetooth connection. All you need is the application downloadable from the App Store or Google Play.

New button panel with optical sensors, which allows you to control your tablet without the presence of physical buttons. Just cover the sensor with your finger to send the command. Use of gloves facilitates operations.

Inside the housing, there is double adjustable caliper support that allows you to block different models of iPads or Android tablets of different sizes.

Ability to use the full potential of the camera (time adjustment, ISO, HDR, White Balance, Auto or Manual Focus).

Ability to switch from Photo mode to Video mode simply by pressing a button.

“Selfie” function, allows you to use the front camera of the tablet.

Finally, you can take great pictures in the foreground, looking directly into the display, or recording a video in which the user becomes the protagonist.