TRT-Electronics ships TURTLE SMART TTL converter

TRT-Electronics are shipping two new versions of their TURTLE TTL converter. The TURTLE SMART mounts on the camera’s hotshoe are available for Nikon, Canon, Olympus/Panasonic, and Sony versions and are user programmable for different camera models. It can trigger strobes either electrically or optically and in TTL or manual modes. The TURTLE Mobie has the same features, but is smaller and can be mounted anywhere in the housing.

Both versions are shipping now and are priced from €329 including sales tax in Europe.

Press release

New programmable TURTLE SMART TTL converters from TRT-Electronics

The TRT-Electronics introduced their first TURTLE TTL converters more than two years ago. Now the company offers triggers for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, and Panasonic DSLR and mirrorless camera models. In 2019 the company announced a new easy to install, user-friendly TTL converter product line: the TURTLE SMART.

Main features of the TURTLE SMART TTL converters:

Setup via USB connection

The new TURTLE SMART can be connected to your PC, and you can upload your strobes’ setup to the unit. The software is easy to use, and we upgrade it whenever we add a new strobe which you can control with the TURTLE SMART. So if you change to a new strobe model, you don’t need to change your TURTLE SMART.

Moulded housing

The new, more durable housing protect the circuitry against damages or water drops and very easy to install. It’s possible to use them in any housing: mount the TURTLE SMART directly onto the hot shoe, connect and install the LEDs, turn on the unit and use your TTL trigger. The TURTLE SMART is small; its size is 36x26x15 mm. However, there are some smaller housings in the market, so the company developed the TURTLE SMART Mobie TTL converters. If you choose the Mobie version, you can put the unit anywhere in the housing.

Replaceable hot shoe for Nikon, Canon and Olympus versions

If the pins in the hot shoe of the TURTLE SMART are damaged, you can replace the hot shoe easily by yourself. Simply order a spare hot shoe from the TRT-Electronics and replace it.

Special features

The i-TURTLE SMART for Nikon works with several DSLR and the new mirrorless (Z6, Z7) camera models as well. For more accurate TTL control you can choose your camera model in the setup software of the e-TURTLE for Canon (ETTL-2). The o-TURTLE for Olympus TTL converter works with Panasonic mirrorless camera models as well. There are creative strobe effects in the setup software of the s-TURTLE for Sony to choose from.

Compatibility and contact

For the full list of compatible cameras and strobes or if you want to learn more about the new TURTLE SMART TTL converters, visit TRT-Electronics’ website. If you have any questions, please emailthe company.