EOS 5D Mark IV news and reviews

Canon has announced the latest iteration in their line of EOS 5D full frame SLR cameras: The EOS 5D Mark IV.

Canon USA has posted two new videos highlighting the features of the recently announced EOS 5D X Mark IV cameras. They are a really comprehensive source of detail about it and should be watched by anyone considering upgrading. The first highlights the key new features for still shooting:

While the second talks about video:

The actual cameras are in limited numbers “in the wild” at present, so it is hard to get a great deal of information about them outside of manufacturer’s sources. DPReview has posted a comprehensive first impressions report about the camera and Imaging Resource has actually spent some time in a studio shooting it and have posted their thoughts too.

As we get more concrete information about the camera, we will add it to this page, so please check back soon.

Will it fit in existing housings?

The million dollar question!

Wetpixel has been superimposing images of the new camera and the 5D Mark III:

Broadly speaking, front and back should work.

However it appears that the new cameras has a wider grip and this will affect both the size and shape of housing required and the key controls on the right hand side. Based on this, it looks like existing 5D Mark III, 5DS and 5DSr housing owners will have to upgrade for the new camera.

We should stress that this is very preliminary and should not be taken as fact.

As with the camera, Wetpixel will be the first to get information about new housings to the community, and we will update this page accordingly.

Update 29 August

DPReview has added a comprehensive round up of the new features of the camera in an article entitled “Canon EOS 5D IV: What you need to know”.

The user manual for the camera is available from Canon Singapore.

According to CNET Adobe going to support the new Dual Pixel Raw format in either Lightroom or Photoshop at some point in the future.