Fantasea announces updated strobe trigger and battery cradle

Fantasea has announced two updated accessories for their mirrorless camera housings. The FA-3 LED strobe trigger is an electro optical converter that provides manual strobe output via fiber optic. The NP-FW50 Battery Cradle C allows an NP-FW50 battery to be fitted inside the housing, with a micro USB connection to the camera.

Both units will be available in September, with the FA-3 LED strobe trigger and the NP-FW50 Battery Cradle C priced at $239.95.

From Fantasea

Fantasea proudly introduces the FA-3 LED Strobe Trigger (#6553) and the NP-FW50 Battery Cradle C (#6583), available from September, 2019.

These two exciting new products are specially designed to be compatible with Fantasea’s vacuum-enabled mirrorless camera housings and can also be used in other name brand housings.

FA-3 LED Strobe Trigger and NP-FW50 Cradle C are now accepting orders!