Fiber optic snoot system for underwater strobes

I am currently on the M/V Shear Water anchored just outside of the famous Blue Heron Bridge critter dive in Palm Beach, Florida. Not long ago, we were surprised by a diver who burst out of the water onto our back deck – it was Shen, who works at Reef Photo & Video (and who, incidentally, is a critter expert at Blue Heron Bridge).

Shen of Reef Photo & Video with his close-focus wide-angle rig

I noticed that Shen’s Subal rig had LocLine arms attached to the end of his Ikelite strobes. I looked inside the arms to see if they were painted white and discovered fiber optic cables! Ingenious!

Shen’s ingenious snoot system uses fiber optic cabling inside LocLine arms

I’m not sure if Reef Photo & Video is selling fiber-optic snoots, but they are usually up for doing custom modifications. I know that I want one!