First Lembeh vs Gulen Critter Shootout is underway

Results of the nudibranch photo competition are now online. Luc Rooman, from the Gulen team, won first place in a landslide victory for his head on nudibranch image with ring around it.

Luc Rooman’s winning image

Congratulations to all of the participants, the level of image quality in this photo shootout is off the charts!

Here is a slideshow of all the entries from both Gulen and Lembeh:

Wayne MacWilliams’ second place image, from Lembeh

Dag Leslie Hansen’s second place image, from Gulen

Find the complete list of nudibranch entry images and rankings here.

  1. Introduction to the shootout.
  2. Day 1: reports.
  3. Day 2: Nudibranch competition day.
  4. Day 3: Invertebrate practice day.
  5. Nudibranch results.
  6. Day 4: Invertebrate competition day.
  7. Day 5: Fish practice day
  8. Invertebrate results.

There is more Wetpixel coverage from Lembeh and Gulen.