First Lembeh vs Gulen Critter Shootout is underway

Fish Practice Day

It is day 5 of the Lembeh Gulen Critter Shootout and participants in both locations are practicing their fish photography.

After two big competition days, the mood is just a bit more relaxed here in Lembeh.

Our photographers enjoying the warm, tropical air and a fruity drink prior to their Wednesday dives

Once good and rehydrated, the participants headed out for a productive day of shooting

Shooting lembeh
Photographer Wayne MacWilliams shoots an anemone

Debbie Arriaga of the Lembeh team

Abi lembeh
Wetpixel’s own Abi Smigel Mullens shoots a Wonderpus

Photographer Nick More shoots a nudibranch


Sunset jump And with the close of another day of shooting in Lembeh, Tobias leaps into the warm waters of the resort pool

Go Team Lembeh!!

Please head on over to the voting site to cast your vote now. The site will allow you to cast one vote for your favorite. It also asks for your email address, but this is not mandatory and if you simply click “Vote”, your choice will still be registered.

Voting is still open for the invertebrate competition and will close at 10:00 pm CET. on Wednesday 25 May.

And meanwhile in Norway…

Team Gulen has been hard at work finding suitable subjects for the fish category. Every ounce of cunning and knowledge has been employed to find and then figure out how to shoot fish to compete with Lembeh’s plethora of available subjects.

The team has been working together, sharing where the animals are. Dimpy has been finding subjects, and Keri has been advising on creative techniques that will help to give another stunning gallery of images. There us no doubt that this really is a team event.

Luc Rooman gives a big “thumbs up”.

We have been blessed with fantastic sunny weather. So much so that people felt the need to take their shirts off…

Perhaps in response to this (the weather not the shirt removal), there has been an amazing “bloom” of jellyfish on Gulen’s house reef. Diving here is reminiscent of Palau’s jellyfish lake, although the water is, of course, green rather than blue.

The team have done 3 dives, with much comparing of notes inbetween:

Morten Hansen

Dimpy points out her chosen subject for the fish category!

Of course, there are still all the usual macro critters in attendance on the reef.

Of course, the focus though is on fish:

After a hard day’s diving, team Gulen relaxed in the hot tub.

While watching a glorious sunset over the fjord.

Tomorrow (26 May) will bring the next competition day, with public voting starting from 10 pm CET. Please go on and check the page. Remember, the two resorts are neck and neck, so your vote could make all the difference.

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