Fisheye Acquires Sea&Sea

Sea&Sea on Wetpixel

Fisheye has announced that it has acquired the ownership of the underwater imaging brand Sea&Sea. Fisheye’s Director, Kenji Omura, has issued a statement that the new company will utilise its nearly 50 year heritage and pedigree to develop new products in the future. The Wetpixel community wishes Kenji and the teams from Fisheye and Sea&Sea the very best in these endeavours and we are excited to watch for future new products.

From Kenji Omura:


On September 10, we, Fisheye Co., Ltd. (Fisheye) acquired all the shares of Sea&Sea Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Sea&Sea) and made it a subsidiary.

Sea&Sea was founded in 1972. World’s first mass-produced underwater strobe with the launch of the Yellow Sub series, we have long been a leader in the industry as a top brand of underwater photography equipment used around the world, such as the compact underwater camera system “Motor Marine”. As a result of having such a connection, discussing with Fisheye employees, and after careful consideration, we have selected a considerable challenge, both as a company and as an individual.

Taking full advantage of the history and achievements of Sea and Sea, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022 next year, we will develop and nurture products that are loved and recognized by divers together with Fisheye. We are still immature, but we look forward to your continued warm support and support.

Sea&Sea Co., Ltd. Fisheye Co., Ltd. Representative Director: Kenji Omura