F.I.T + 16 wet diopter available

F.I.T has announced that it has released a +16 version of their wet diopter. THe ACU +16 is a single grouped, dual element diopter and claims to give excellent results even when stacked. The diopter has a 46mm thread, but is supplied with a 67mm step-up ring for attachment to macro ports. One is being supplied by for the forthcoming Wetpixel diopter test, so please check back for the results.

The F.I.T ACU +16 is available now at a retail price of $315.

Press Release.

F.I.T. are pleased to announce a new addition to their PRO range of achromatic wet diopters, the FIT Pro ACU +16. Joining the hugely popular, stackable ACU +5 and ACU +8, the ACU +16 is a single grouped, dual element diopter resulting in exceptional fringing control even when stacked. The lens is 46mm thread mounted but includes a 67mm step-up ring as standard.

Recommended retail price on this product is US$315.

A series of mages of a tiny blenny in the Red Sea taken with a Nikon D7000, 60mm macro and FIT Pro ACU +16

Photographers finger for scale.

Full size detail.

Full size maximum magnification.

For more details, please contact Alex Tattersall at Underwater Visions.