From the Archive: How to get stunning Split Shots

In our “Ask the Pros” column, an amazing array of underwater photographers kindly shared their split shot techniques, tips, knowledge, and wonderful pictures. Check out the full article here: https://wetpixel.com/articles/ask-the-pros-split-shots

Check out how David Doubilet, Franco Banfi, Cristian Dimitrius, Allison Vitsky Sallmon, Andy Sallmon, Matt Smith, Douglas Seifert, Mike Veitch, David Fleetham, Eiko Jones, Viktor Lyagushkin, David Salvatori, Becky Kagan Schott, Rico Besserdich, Julian Cohen and Berkley White get their stunning images.

The power of the half-and-half image: These images bring the two elements of our planet together. They are especially striking when viewed by people that have never been diving and enjoyed the experience of viewing our treasured ecosystems underwater.” David Doubilet.

I personally love over/unders because it blends our topside world with the underwater world. I love to see the transition between our two worlds, and when a photographer can capture a stunning topside landscape with big animals or vibrant marine life below the surface I think it just draws a viewer in. I do set out to shoot over/unders, I like the challenges of shooting them and trying new techniques.” Becky Kagan Schott.

With literally hundreds of years of experience of shooting these types of pictures, and illustrated with some stunning images, this article is the definitive guide to honing your split shot skills.