Full details of the Inon Z330 strobe announced

Inon has formally released the full details and specifications of their new Z330 strobe. Featuring a guide number of 33 and a native coverage of 110°, it also has a rapid quench time, an integrated heat sync, 220 lumen focus light aligned to strobe output and a redesigned control interface. There is an active thread about the Z330 in the Wetpixel forum, and Wetpixel are currently evaluating the strobes too.

The Inon Z330 strobe will be shipping from 24 December. Please consult your local dealer for prices.

Press Release

Z-330 Strobe is now coming!

Guide Number 33 and UNDERWATER coverage 110 degree without diffuser.

The new next generation Z-330 strobe, which has a built-in optically designed dome lens offering the combination of both high power and wide coverage without a power sacrificing diffuser, is to be released on December 24, 2017


–Release date: December 24th, 2017
–JAN code: 456212143 851 4


Z-330 Features

Powerful G.N. of 33 and UNDERWATER coverage of 110 degree

In a lightweight and compact body, the Z-330 is designed to produce a G.N. of 33.

Precisely designed front dome lens (※1) together with INON’s unique T shape twin flash widens the powerful strobe light without sacrificing any power to accomplish an UNDERWATER circular coverage of 110 degrees.

Unlike a conventional translucent diffuser which can widen coverage while but sacrifices power and stores heat internally, this specially designed dome lens diffuses light thanks to the refraction ratios of air, acrylic and water to attain an UNDERWATER coverage of 110 degrees without any power loss.

Z-330 front dome lens

Furthermore, the Z-330 has overcome the drawbacks of high-power strobes that have a long flash duration and reaches FULL power after pre-flashing in significantly short period of time.

Combined with a flashing system that syncs with pre-flash and main flash of camera’s built-in flash, the Z-330 can deliver full power dump even at 1/1000 second high shutter speed setting without reducing power

(*1) PAT. P on the dome lens system to widen underwater coverage.

Bundled Strobe Light Shade to prevent shining camera lens

A Strobe Light Shade is bundled to prevent strobe light from lighting the camera lens directly in order to dramatically suppress ghosting, flaring or backscatter when the strobe is positioned close to a lens port.

The shade rotates a full 360 degrees and has an intuitive tactile click position location mechanism which offering comfortable adjustment even underwater.

Strobe Light Shade is removable.

The shade goes to any position.

Radiation system to release generated heat inside

The Z-330 strobe is equipped with a circular metal heat sink offering high thermal conductivity around light emitting area.

The heatsink is directly connected to inner circuit component to release generated heat from strobe usage effectively.

The improved heat tolerance has resolved heat problems typically associated with powerful strobes. Continuous shooting at high power is hence possible, with no need to allow the strobe to cool in-between periods of rapid usage.

220 lumen, shutter-linked AUTO OFF Focus Light

The built-in shutter-linked Auto-Off focus light delivers 220 lm brightness for support when focusing on a subject, quenches in synch with the shutter release and then automatically switches ON again.

To make the optical axis of the focus light in line with strobe light’s, it has a fresnel lens located in front of it. This allows for more accurate strobe aiming and improved usability.

Left : Z-330 Focus Light trajectory (underwater). Right : Z-240 Focus Light trajectory (underwater).

Conspicuous Phosphorescence Back Panel and Improved Intuitive Control Dials

The new strobe uses white base high-intensity phosphorescent material for the back panel to improve visibility during both day and night dive.

Left :Back panel (daytime). Right :Back panel (night time when emitting light)

Control dials are enlarged for use when diving in cold water and even when wearing thick gloves

Large Main Mode Switch, EV Control Switch

S-TTL Auto /13 Steps Manual Flash Mode

INON’s unique accurate auto exposure system S-TTL has been further evolved. Accuracy of exposure is improved and now provides a more accurate exposure.

In addition, an optimized high performance slave sensor never misses the camera’s trigger signal even if it is faint or attenuated by partially damaged fiber optic cables.

Manual control is offered via precise 1/2 EV increments in 13 steps for professional use.

Wide Variety of Dome Filters

The Z-330 strobe has a bayonet system for securely attaching strobe dome filter and allowing them to be easily removed when required.

In addition to the bundled Strobe Dome Filter SOFT which protects the strobe’s dome lens surface and soften its light; the optional Strobe Dome Filter ND will offer a stopped down output at -4EV, optional Strobe Dome Filter 4600K will warm the strobe’s native color temperature to 4600°K and optional Strobe Dome Filter 4900K which warms it to 4900°K will all be available in 2018.

Left : Bundled Strobe Dome Filter SOFT. Right:The Strobe Dome Filter SOFT installed on the Z-330.

Left :Optional Strobe Dome Filter ND. Center : Optional Strobe Dome Filter 4600K. Right: Optional Strobe Dome Filter 4900K

(*2) Strobe Dome Filters are designed to use with Z-330 only and are not usable with any other strobes.

Both Optical/Electrical Trigger Supported

The Z-330 is equipped with Nikonos type 5 pin sync connector as well as an optical slave sensor to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of camera systems.

Left :Optical cable connection. Right: Electrical cable connection

Full Z-330 Specifications

For a full list of specifications, please consult the Inon website [PDF:13KB]

December 15, 2017

*Press release information is as of December 15, 2017 and subject to change without prior notice.