Gates announces POV CAM system

Gates Underwater Products has announced their POV CAM. Compatible with the Panasonic AG-UMR20 or AG-MDR25 recorders and AGUCK20GJ or AG-MDC20GJ compact camera heads, the system offers 4K imaging up to 60ft (20m) away from the action. It features an HD-SDI surface feed for remote monitoring and is compatible with a variety of Gates wide angle and flat ports.

The shipping date and pricing for the Gates POV CAM are to be announced.

Press release


Point Of View 4K Remote Imaging

Successor to the highly successful HMR10/HCK10 POV HD Housing, the new Gates POV CAM is a 4K Point Of View system with remarkable UHD imaging from up to 60ft / 20m away. POV CAM is perfectly suited for remote imaging applications where distance and/or small camera size is are important. Like a highly maneuverable pole cam for an up close and personal underwater Polar Bear shot. A tight cenote passage ahead can be inspected before attempting entry. Or how about POV action of a shark feed with the UCK20 camera housing in the frenzy?

POV CAM has countless Natural History, research, military and broadcast applications. What will you do with POV CAM?

The POV CAM system of course includes Gates legendary 2 year warranty and customer support. Reliability, durability, dependability – the Gates hallmark for 50 years.

Compatible models: Panasonic AG-UMR20 or AG-MDR25 Recorder, AGUCK20GJ or AG-MDC20GJ Compact Camera Head.

Key Features

Specifications (Preliminary)

Port Options


  1. HD-SDI Surface Feed for topside viewing and recording.
  2. Seal Check Lite ensures housing integrity before entering the water. ‘Peace of mind ahead of time.’