Gates announces Nikonos RS lens adapter

Gates Underwater Products has announced an adaptor kit that will allow the use of Nikonos RS lenses with their housings. The kit currently allows the use of the 13mm fisheye, 28mm, 50mm macro and 20-35mm zoom lenses with Gates Deep Epic and Deep Dragon housings and will map focus and iris to the housing controls. Other camera support is planned in future.

The Gates RS Adapter Kit will be available in January at $5625.

Press release

Gates Underwater Products announces the Nikonos RS Adapter Kit

Amongst the finest underwater optics ever developed, the Nikonos RS lens suite is now compatible with Gates digital cinema family of housings.

Poway, CA – 19 November 2014 – Gates Underwater Products – home of the world’s most reliable underwater housings – announces a new adapter kit for the Nikonos RS lenses.

Designed by Nikon specifically for underwater use, the Nikonos RS suite of lenses – 13mm fisheye, 28mm, 50mm macro and 20-35mm zoom – remain underwater glass par excellence. The Nikonos RS Adapter Kit fully integrates these lenses to a Gates housing, mapping focus and iris directly to the existing housing controls.

It’s an ingenious adaptation” remarks Johnny Friday, award winning underwater cinematographer. “I can expediently mount and change these lenses on my DEEP DRAGON, use the same focus and iris controls as any other lens, and have a smaller overall rig for run and gun conditions.”

The Nikonos RS Adapter Kit is evidence of Gates’ relentless pursuit of the world’s finest underwater images, adding a unique dimension to the Precision Ports family of optics. It is of course a Gates through and through: “Bulletproof” machined aluminum , stainless hardware, legendary service and 2 year renewable warranty. Durable, reliable, dependable – the hallmark of Gates since 1969.

About Gates:

Since 1969, Gates Underwater Products has produced is the world’s most reliable underwater housings. Using ‘bulletproof” machined aluminum, 100% mechanical controls, time- proven design methods, and state-of-the-art manufacturing, Gates housings are built to satisfy the most demanding applications. Commercial divers, imaging professionals, marine researchers, salvage operators and military personnel all turn to Gates for the same reason: our “bulletproof” housings produce results 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That’s why they say: Don’t take a Chance….Take a Gates!