Gates announces SPR110 Stackable Port System

Gates underwater Products has announced their SPR110 Stackable Port system. These allow sufficient internal space to allow compatibility with most servo lens control system and extends Gates housing’s lens compatibility. With these rings, practically any lens type can be used.

The SPR110 Stackable Port system will be shipping from quarter 4 2017. Pricing is to be announced.

Press release

Gates Underwater Products announces the SPR110 Series Stackable Port Ring system.

The SPR110 system enables surface lens control with any third party Lens Control System on any Gates underwater cinema housing rig with any lens.

Poway, CA – 14 September 2017 – Gates Underwater Products – manufacturer of the world’s most reliable underwater housings – today announces the Stackable Port Ring system SPR110.

Integrating with Gates cinema family of underwater housings, the SPR110 system is specifically designed with a larger 11 in/28 cm inside diameter to accommodate third party Lens Control System (LCS) kits. Lens drive motors from Red Digital Cinema, ARRI, Preston, RT Motion, CMotion, Chrosziel, Red Rock Micro, Movcam and others will fit readily within the SPR110 envelope.

Being “Stackable’, the SPR110 system also supports virtually any lens – DSLR, cine primes, anamorphic, cine zooms, DSLR conversions, whatever – while providing ample space for the lens and LCS motors.

The SPR110 Stackable Port Ring system comprises other recognizable key features:

• Clean, uncomplicated design is reliable and field serviceable;
• Bayonet mount has no moving parts;
• Adjustable trim weight mounts enable perfect buoyancy/ balance; • Customization to suit unique applications.

The Gates SPR110 will delight the underwater cinema professional seeking an underwater rig with both untethered diver operation and full surface control – unparalleled flexibility, and only from Gates.

As Gates is increasingly requested for feature film work, we listen and respond with the SPR110 Stackable Port Ring system. Gone are limitations for surface lens control.”

The SPR110 Stackable Port Ring system is of course backed by Gates legendary service, 2 year renewable warranty, and factory direct support. Durable, reliable, dependable – the hallmark of Gates since 1969.

• Price: To be announced
• Availability: Rollout support for all cinema-caliber rigs starting Q4 2017

About Gates:

Since 1969, Gates Underwater Products has produced the world’s most reliable underwater imaging systems. Using ‘bulletproof” machined aluminum, 100% mechanical controls, time-proven design methods, and state-of-the-art manufacturing, Gates housings are built to satisfy the most demanding applications. Commercial divers, imaging professionals, marine researchers, salvage operators and military personnel all turn to Gates for the same reason: our “bulletproof” housings produce results 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That’s why they say:

Don’t take a Chance….Take a Gates!


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