Gates confirms RED housing upgrade path

Gates DEEP WEAPON on Wetpixel

Gates Underwater Products has announced an upgrade path for owners of DEEP EPIC and DEEP DRAGON housings. Once upgraded, they will be compatible with all EPIC models, including both WEAPON and RAVEN. Both Gates’s RED external monitor housing are supported and it has been confirmed that WEAPON will allow tethered REDMOTE support, allowing for full menu access via the remote in the housing.

The upgrade price is to be confirmed, please contact Gates for more details and availability.

Press release


Underwater professionals have come to rely on Gates established, proven workhorse rigs DEEP EPIC and DEEP DRAGON. Continuing that tradition, both are upgradeable to DEEP WEAPON. A la “Obsolescence Obsolete’, the DEEP WEAPON upgrade protects your investment. You are not forced to buy an entirely new housing and accessories.


RED Digital Cinema rises to the occasion for their customer base and – in particular – the underwater community.

DEEP WEAPON is the most flexible, adaptable underwater system for the RED EPIC family of cameras. Over 200 lenses supported. Accessories for every application, and custom modifications on request.

And of course, DEEP WEAPON IS a GATES: Bulletproof. 2 year warranty. Legendary support.

We have an upgrade list started. Contact Pamela or me to get in the queue. Final upgrade price to be announced.