Hidden Treasures, Guam’s Marine Preserves updated for 2019

In addition to his guidebooks, author Tim Rock has also released the third edition of his book “Hidden Treasures, Guam’s Marine Preserves” for 2019. The new edition features additional photos and information.

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Hidden Treasures, Guam’s Marine Preserves for 2019

By Tim Rock

NEW!!!! NEW!!! NEW for 2019!!! Third Edition. New photos and information about Guam’s preserves, submerged historical treasures, and special reef areas.

Inside this 236-page book find an introduction from National Geographic’s David Doubilet, more than 440 full-color images including macro images, wide angle, aerial photography, shark nurseries, WWI & WWII wreck photos, maps, descriptions, and insights into this special Western Pacific protected marine world and much more.

The small but scenic island of Guam in Western Micronesia is blessed with one of the world’s richest coral reef marine environments. It thrives with more than 1000 fish species and over 400+ kinds of hard and soft corals, 1,600 mollusk species and a dozen different marine mammals.

The betterment of Guam’s diverse underwater world has been the thrust behind a series of nature preserves set up around the island in the last decade. What these areas do is allow breeding stocks to prosper to make more fish and allow corals to grow without stress. In a far-sighted move, the island was studied, and some small but critical areas were set aside to help replenish the reefs. They encompass small reef areas and bays from north to south. They are starting to ensure a resurgence of reef health on this diverse western Pacific gem. This Third Edition is a visual record of the Guam marine preserves by Lonely Planet author and Getty Lonely Planet Images photojournalist Tim Rock, who is a Guam resident. The preserves are now at an important stage in their young development. Enjoy this trip through the preserves. The book also features parks, conservation and historical sites and popular underwater venues found on tropical Guam. Available in Apple e-book format, Kindle and Soft Cover:

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About the authors:

Lonely Planet author and photojournalist Tim Rock pioneered diving and snorkeling guides and magazine articles for the islands in Micronesia and Indonesia. He has been based in Guam for over three decades and was recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement by the University of Nebraska at Omaha School of Communications. His work has appeared in National Geographic, Lonely Planet Publications, Terre Sauvage, GEO and numerous publications worldwide. His work on the Guam Marine Preserves is groundbreaking, bringing awareness of the need for these special bays and the good they promote to people all over the Pacific.

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