Hugyfot introduce Vision Xs housing

Hugyfot has announced their new Vision Xs housing for GoPro 5,6 and 7 action cameras. It has an integrated Feelword F5 monitor with its battery, providing 3 hours of life and is rated for between 150 to 200 meters (490 to 650 feet).

Availability and prices are to be confirmed.

From Hugyfot’s website

Vision Xs for GoPro 5/6/7


The housing is black anodized like al our other housings and is fitted for a depth of 150 to 200 m.

We added a plug and play system Feelword F5 monitor that you may use outside your housing. 2 batteries provide autonomy of 3 hours.

The housing is small, light and easy to handle, ideal for travel.

Vision Xs housing specifications: