Hugyfot ships housing for Sony RX100 Mark 6

Hugyfot’s Vision housing for the Sony RX100 Mark VI is machined from aluminum and rated to 200 meters (660 feet). It is available with either an integrated 7” HDMI monitor equipped with a sun hood and 2 additional battery packs; or with buttons and rotary controls to allow full camera functionality, along with a 6-hour battery pack.

The Hugyfot Vision housing for the Sony RX100 Mark VI is available to order now. Priced at €1,420 for the button and €1,945 for the HDMI monitor versions.

From Hugyfot’s website

The Vision Sony RX100 housing is the most versatile Sony RX100 housing system ever. In order to get the best out of your Sony RX100 IV or V, Hugyfot engineers developed this rugged, yet extremely versatile housing. Installing the Sony RX100 IV or V only takes seconds thanks to the plug and play wiring system and the rotary secure lock mechanism.

The housing comes in 2 different configurations:

Back equipped with a 7” HDMI monitor and 2 Lithium power banks that generate an 8-hour battery life

Back equipped with push buttons and rotary controls to have full access of camera functionality and 1 Lithium power bank that generates a 6-hour battery life

The Vision Sony RX100 housing comes standard with the Hugyfot multi-functional wing and rigid aluminum handles with 1” mount balls. Machined out of solid aluminum, it is pressure rated to 200m.

Vision Hero housing specifications:

Technical data: