Hugyfot announces Vision housing for HERO5

Hugyfot has announced their Vision housing for the GoPro HERO5. Constructed of aluminum, it is rated to 200m (650 feet) and has an integrated 7” HDMI monitor along with a 2 Li-ion battery packs that allow for 5 hours of shooting. It is supplied with Hugyfot’s wing tray and handles with 1” ball mounts and a red flip filter.

The Hugyfot Vision HERO 5 will ship from 6 June, priced at €1,695.

Press release

Vision Hero 5

The most advanced GoPro housing ever …
Now available at your local Hugyfot dealer

The Vision Hero 5 is the most advanced GoPro housing ever. In order to get the best out of your GoPro Hero 5, Hugyfot engineers developed this rugged, yet extremely versatile housing. Installing the Hero 5 only takes seconds thanks to the plug and play wiring system and the rotary eccentric quick closing mechanism. The housing is powered by 2 lithium power banks that guarantee a 5 hour camera operation. The large 7” HDMI monitor displays every detail and is extremely helpful when shooting macro images. The Vision Hero 5 housing comes standard with a flip-up red filter and screen protection, the Hugyfot multi functional wing and rigid aluminium handles with 1” mount balls. Machined out of solid aluminium, it is pressure rated to 200m and offers full camera control.

Vision Hero 5 housing specifications: