Hurricane Dorian devastates the Bahamas and heads towards the US

Hurricane Dorian on Wetpixel

Most of the Wetpixel community will be aware of Hurricane Dorian’s trail of chaos as it travels through the Caribbean. Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands have incurred winds of up to 165 mph (270 km/h) and a storm surge of up to 23 ft (7m) with Bahamas PM Hubert Minnis describing the devastation as “unprecedented.”

The future track of the storm is by no means certain, but it threatens to cause damage and disrupt communities in Florida, the Carolinas, Virginia and Georgia.

Most of us will have friends that either have been in the storm’s path or maybe still bracing themselves for its impact. We fervently hope that they are all in a place of safety and that it does not cause significant damage to dwellings and businesses. Our thoughts are with you…

For updates from NOAA, please see the National Hurricane Center.

Please see here for Florida Emergency Information.

Bahamas Emergency Shelter listing (PDF).