i-Divesite releases details of Symbiosis lighting system

i-Divesite has released the details of their Symbiosis hybrid video light and strobe. Available in two versions, the SS-1 has a 2000 lumen LED light with no LCD display, whereas the SS-2 has an LCD display and either a 1000 or 2000 lumen LED light.

The Symbiosis system is available now, priced at $599 for the SS-1 or $699/$799 for the SS-2 with the 1000 or 2000 lumen LEDs respectively.

Press release

A complete Underwater Lighting System (patent pending) for UW photography and videography, user upgradable LED head and Battery pack.

The name Symbiosis – interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. Yes you are right, video and strobe in one body, and they can work separately or together. And most important is always up-to-date video light, the LED head is user upgradable and can be used as a stand alone video light.

SS-1 controls

The LED technology is developing quickly recent years, the max intensity (lumen) and efficiency (lumen/W) of LED can be double after 1 year. The life cycle for all-in-one integrated products will be too short. Therefore the LED Light head must be designed as an individual module and be changeable by user and they can upgrade anytime when there are new LED Light Heads available. So they can always maintain the setup in top of the range with limited re-investment in the equipment.

SS-2 controls

Other than the intensity of the LED itself, also for different usage of the LED lights. For example, normal focusing light (1000 lumens), UV light (6-18W), snoot Flexible video light (5-8 degrees narrow beam), high power wide angle video light(4000 lumens) and normal macro video light (2000 lumens) all with different design so there will be many different kinds of lights to fit different conditions.

Photographers can built on demand (purchase difference kinds of module according to their needs) before go into the water will be a definitely advantage. So all in one with “BOD” build on-demand feature can fit most of the photographers’ needs.