Ikelite ships a series of TTL converters for Fujifilm cameras

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Ikelite has announced a series of electrical TTL converters for Fujifilm cameras. Available connections include Nikonos N5, Ikelite ICS-5, and Ikelite FT1 hotshot versions.

The new converters are shipping now, priced at $375 for the FT1 hotshoe, $350 for the ICS-5 and $395 for the Nikonos versions.

From Ikelite’s web site

DL4 DS Link Fujifilm TTL Converter Ikelite FT1 Hotshoe Kit

DL4 DS Link Fujifilm TTL Converter with Nikonos N5 Connector

DL4 DS Link Fujifilm TTL Converter with Ikelite ICS-5 Connector

Ikelite FT1 Hotshoe: Product #46082
Nikonos: Product #46084
Ikelite ICS-5: Product #46083


TTL strobe exposure opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities for both wide angle and macro photographer. Let your camera control the strobe output so that you can devote your attention to adjusting your camera’s settings, composing the shot, and focusing on your subject.

Read more about TTL strobe exposure here…

Key Advantages

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About Fujifilm TTL

TTL or “Thru-the-Lens” flash metering means the camera evaluates the scene and communicates exposure information directly to the compatible flash. The camera automatically adjusts the power output of the external flash, so you don’t have to.

TTL exposure is faster and often more accurate than setting the flash output manually. TTL can be the difference between getting a properly exposed image or not, especially when shooting fast-moving subjects and subjects that are moving towards or away from you. TTL is by far the easiest way to shoot perfectly exposed macro photography and allows you to concentrate on focus and framing. When shooting wide angle or close focus wide angle (CFWA), set your camera to properly expose the background and let the DL4 adjust your strobe intensity for proper exposure of the foreground.

Electrical flash triggering

Connecting an electrical sync cord is as quick and easy as screwing in a light bulb. Electrical triggering supports greater accuracy, faster rapid firing, and less missed flashes as compared to fiber optic triggering. Use of electrical TTL also dramatically increases strobe battery life.

The included FT1 TTL Hotshoe is necessary for TTL operation with most Ikelite DL Mirrorless housings. See Housing Compatibility information below.

The ultimate flexibility

Switch between TTL and manual flash exposure modes with the simple push of a button. A super bright LED indicator light shows you which mode you are in with a glance. When in TTL mode, flash exposure (EV) compensation can be accessed quickly and easily through the camera’s menus. The DL4 DS Link fully supports rear curtain sync flash modes.

The DL4 DS Link is independently waterproof sealed and can be used with a wide array of camera models. Simply use a dual sync cord to fire two strobes in TTL from a single DL4 DS Link converter.

Housing Compatibility

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2.9 ounces (82g)

In the Box

DL4 DS Link TTL converter \ Plug o-ring # 0118 (installed)
Connector protector for plug # 0301.14 (installed)
Waterproof Bulkhead Cap # 9104.7 (installed)
Silicone lubricant 1cc tube


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