Ikelite ships Canon and Panasonic/Olympus TTL converters

Ikelite has announced a series of new products that provide TTL exposure control with Panasonic/Olympus or Canon cameras. Designed primarily for use with Ikelite’s DS series strobes and 200DL housings, they are available in a number of options, including kits containing a hotshoe, bulkhead and the external converter.

All are shipping now, with the DL3 DS Panasonic/Olympus TTL Converter and DL5 DS Canon TTL Converter kits both priced at $375.

Ikelite also offers a kit, which includes the DL5 DS Link Canon TTL Converter Ikelite CT1 Hotshoe, and B1A Bulkhead Kit priced at $400.

The CT1 TTL Hotshoe for Canon SLR and mirrorless Cameras is priced at $75.

Strobe Compatibility

Not compatible with non-digital Ikelite strobes including but not limited to SS50, SS200, SS400, Ai, 100/A.
Not compatible with SEA&SEA, INON, or other non-Ikelite strobes.

Housing Compatibility for Panasonic/Olympus TTL Converter

Housing Compatibility for Canon TTL Converter

Camera Compatibility for Canon TTL Converter