INON Accessories for Olympus PT-026 Housing

AD Mount Base for PT-026
AD Mount Base for PT-026

AD Mount Base PT-026
The “AD Mount Base PT-026” permit attachment of wet-mountable UFL-165AD Underwater Fisheye, UWL-105AD Wide-angle and UCL-165AD Close-up Lenses.
Optical D Cable/Cap W18 Set
New fiber optic cable and fixture kit to connect Inon D-2000, D-180, D-180S and Z-220/Z-220S strobes to the PT-026 housing.
Grip Options
From the AD Mount Base, mount single or double Grip Base D2 or Grip Base D3. The Grip Base D2 is a good choice for the left hand. The Grip Base D3 is width adjustable to fit your hand between housing and grip, even with thick gloves.
Configuration example
• Olympus Stylus 500 camera + Olympus PT-026 housing
• AD Mount Base PT-026
• UFL-165AD Underwater Fisheye Conversion Lens
• D-2000 Strobe
• Optical D Cable/Cap W18 Set fiber optic kit
• Grip Base DII
• Arm SS Set Z
• AD Lens Holder + UCL-165AD Close-up Lens