Inon announces new products

Inon has announced a series of new products. The first of these is a Vacuum Leak Sensor.

It will be fitted to new X2 housings for Panasonic GX9 and Canon EOS 80D and can be retrofitted to either of these along with the X2 housing for the EOS 6D.

It has both audible and visual alarms that are triggered by any of the three leak sensors. Once a vacuum has been created, the circuit does a five minute “high sensitivity” check before switching to a less sensitive mode. This checks that the housing is sealed, but avoids the possibility of false positives due to internal pressure changes.

Inon has been shipping a rotating “duckbill” shaped beam controller with their Z330 and D200 strobes as well as LF video/focus lights.

A new accessory for these is a reflective sticker that can be attached which bounces light from the devices to create an even light.

Without reflector

With reflector

The stickers will be fitted to new strobes and lights, and are available as an accessory to upgrade existing units.

The last new product is an aluminum alloy cast universal camera tray base, with a handle and a tripod mounting adaptor.

The D5 base offers 4cm of lateral adjustment to accommodate different sized housings and fittings, has two tripod screws for attaching housings and can be equipped with ball adaptors to create a simple tripod plate.

The D5 Holder can have a variety of adaptors fitted to them to attach lights or other accessories.