Inon ships hight quality 6500°K lights

Inon on Wetpixel
LF2400h-EW, LF1100h-EWf, LF650h-N *from left

Inon is shipping new versions of their LF3100-EW, LF1300-EWf and LF800-N light that have high quality 6500°K output. The 3 models offer the same features as the older models, but improved with light quality, albeit at the expense of a small amount of output.

The LF2400h-EW, LF1100h-EWf, LF650h-N lights are shipping now. Please consult with your local dealer for pricing.

Press release

High-Quality 6500K LED Torches

INON INC. is pleased to announce to widen its LED flashlight product range by having another version producing quality 6500K constant lighting for existing LF3100-EW, LF1300-EWf and LF800-N.


Newly applied quality 6500K light makes it easier to reproduce natural color comparing to existing LED torch product producing warmer light even in bright circumstance or mixing with a strobe light. These new quality LED torches produce about 15 to 25% less lumen power comparing to existing models but offer another option for those who are keen for quality natural color for either of still/video shooting.

Comparison of mew quality light version vs existing models

“Underwater coverage 100 degrees” “12 steps multiple power setting” “Powered by 6 x AA batteries”

“Underwater coverage 100 degrees” “Shutter-linked Auto OFF mode” “Powered by 3 x AA batteries”

“5-degree sharp beam” “Powered by 3 x AA batteries”