Inon ships ND filters for S-2000 strobes

Inon strobes on Wetpixel

Inon has announced the release of an ND diffuser for the S-2000 strobe. It provides minus 4 stops that allow the strobes to be used even when the camera’s aperture is wide open. Inon has designed the diffuser to ensure that it retains natural color.

Inon already has an ND filer available for their Z330 strobe too. The new diffusers will be shipping very soon, please consult your local dealer for pricing.

Press release

-4.0 ND Filter for S-2000

INON INC. is pleased to announce the official release of new -4.0 ND Filter for S-2000 to use for the S-2000 strobe to reduce strobe output at 4.0EV on December 22nd, 2018.

Left: -4.0 ND Filter for S-2000, Right: -4.0 ND Filter for S-2000 installed on the S-2000 strobe

*The -4.0 ND Filter for S-2000 is compatible only with S-2000 strobe and not usable for any other strobe.

Product features

Prevent washed-out images in macro shooting

When shooting a subject from close range, using open aperture or higher ISO setting etc. would give you overexposed images by too much strobe light. Using the -4.0 ND Filter for S-2000* reduces strobe output at 4.0EV and dramatically helps not to have overexposed images.

Without -4.0 ND Filter for S-200, with -4.0 ND Filter for S-2000

Equipment: SONY DSC-RX100V, UCL-67 M67 Close-up Lens, 2 x S-2000 strobes set at a minimum “-5” position and located at a close range of the subject.
Photo data: F2.8, 1/250, ISO125
Photo by: Kazuki Nakata (INON INC.) at “Wannai”, Osezaki, Shizuoka, Japan
Constant color balance even through the filter

Thanks to carefully designed -4.0 ND Filter for S-2000 to manage color balance of strobe light transmitted through it, tint of native strobe light and tint of strobe light through the filter is almost same. The -4.0 ND Filter for S-2000 is designed to reduce strobe power at 4.0EV and successfully reproduces natural color of a subject.

Superior heat transmittance

The -4.0 ND Filter for S-2000 is made of special material which carries significantly high infrared ray transmittance not to keep generated heat inside of the combined strobe but to offer same sequential flash performance without the filter and to reduce strobe output at 4.0EV at the same time.

Provide further faint Manual flash

The S-2000 strobe originally offers 13steps with 1/2EV increments Manual flash mode. Using The -4.0 ND Filter for S-2000 adds extra faint power settings for further creative lighting.

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