Inon ships Snoot Set for Z330/D200

Inon has announced a snoot set that will fit on their Z330 and D200 strobes. Both strobes feature domed lenses and the new kit allows the use of Inon’s existing snoot system with them. It ships with both 10mm and 26mm restrictor tubes and the new set features a brushed aluminum that focuses the strobes’ output.

The Snoot set for Z-330/D-200 is shipping now. Please consult your local dealer for pricing.

Press release

Snoot Set for Z-330/D-200

We are pleased to announce new accessory for INON Z-330/D-200 strobe to narrow down beam angle providing various effects on January 29th, 2019.

Snoot Set for Z-330/D-200

Set contents: Rubber Hood 72, Rubber Hood Sleeve for Z-330/D-200, Step Up Ring, Snoot Tube 10, Snoot Tube 26, W40° Filter LE x 2

Snoot Set for Z-330/D-200 installing on the Z-330

Snoot Set for Z-330/D-200 features

The INON Snoot Set for Z-330/D-200 is an accessory for the INON Z-330/D-200 strobe to change beam angle. The package contents include Rubber Hood Sleeve for Z-330/D-200, two step telescopic Rubber Hood 72, Step Up Ring, Snoot Tube 26 having inner diameter 26mm/1.0”) and Snoot Tube 10 having inner diameter 10mm/0.4”. The various combination of packaged parts supports 6 different beam coverages from approx.20 degree up to approx. 80 degree with the following sophisticated effects (1)(2);

The packaged aluminum sleeve is specifically designed to screw on compatible strobe at its outer threads of the circular heat sink to hold the Rubber Hood securely and the telescopic design of the Rubber Hood helps to save space when transporting or storage.

(*1) Always conduct test shots to familiar with the product characteristic before you take an important shot. When using the compatible strobe in S-TTL Auto mode/TTL Auto mode for spotlight effect of this product, center spot metering mode on a camera is recommended since average metering mode or multi-pattern metering mode could wash out the center of an image. In case S-TTL Auto mode/TTL Auto mode does not provide appropriate exposure, use Manual mode.

(*2) Make sure to cool down combined strobe according to “Operational limitation on flashing/Focus Light” leaflet provided with the strobe, to prevent overheating/degradation of the light emitting part/inner components.

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