Inon Z220F Strobe Replaces Z220

Inon Z220F
Inon Z220F

Differences between the Z-220F and Z-220:

The Z-220F has “Focus Light ON” mode. Placing a magnet into the Z-220F’s “Light Mode Selector Switch” enables manual ON/OFF operation of Focus Light by toggling a switch on the strobe body. Previously, the Z-220 model’s Focus Light could only be actuated by a Nikonos TTL film camera signal from the camera, so the Focus Light was not operable for users of digital cameras.

Now, the Z-220F Focus Light ON mode allows users of compact digicams to manually turn the Focus Light ON/OFF when strobe is connected to compatible cameras/housings with an Inon optical cable.

Also, the Nikon D70 and D100 cameras in Nexus D70 & D100 Housings having NCC-V2 hotshoe camera connector can actuate the Focus Light by shutter press. Other digital SLR camera and housings have not been tested.

Z-220F does not have Target Laser.

Otherwise the Z-220F and Z-220 functions and performance specifications are identical.

Inon America will be stocking the new Z-220F model from mid-June.