Isotta announces housing for LX15/LX10

Isotta has announced their housing for the Panasonic LX15/LX10 compact camera. It features a flash window with the option of fiber optic triggering, an M126 port for vacuum or other accessories, along with an M67 thread on the lens port for attaching wet lenses.

Available from May 2019, the housing will carry a retail price of €950,00 incl. 22% VAT.

Press release

Isotta Underwater Camera Housing for Panasonic DMC-LX15

Castelnuovo del Garda (VR), Italia, May 8, 2019- ISOTECNIC SRL is pleased to announce the launch of its new Underwater Camera Housing for the ultimate Panasonic DMC-LX15, 100% crafted and made in Italy, that will capture beautiful photos underwater. The compact, solid red corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum body Isotta Housing for Panasonic DMC-LX15 weighs only 770 grams, and its dedicated design can accommodate optional lens accessories, thanks to the front of the lens port that features a thread mount M67.

Compact and durable, this further Isotta quality housing model offers the best value because of its versatility, thanks to an ergonomic interface, full accessibility to the enhanced camera controls (levers, knobs, etc.) and improved functions providing better handling when in water. The flash window comes equipped with built-in diffuser, and compatible external strobes can be triggered via fiber optic connection. The back door has a large window anti-scratch glass for a fine camera display, and it is entirely detached from the front body to make easier the camera fitting. The housing features the Isotta well-known easy and secure opening/closing of the housing thanks to the lateral helicoid that can be operated using only one hand.

An excellent watertight seal is ensured by double O-rings on every mobile and removable part, such as back housing, buttons, ports, caps, and connectors. A red LED alarm for humidity/water inside the housing is powered by a battery replaceable by the user. Working depth is 100 meters.

Different accessories can be fitted by means of an M8 thread upper hole and double threaded M6 holes and one 1/4W on the bottom.

Available from May 2019, the housing will carry a retail price of 950,00 € Incl. 22% VAT.


It’s very fast to open and close Panasonic DMC-LX15, without any efforts by the user thanks to the side helicoid screw and the bottom centered pins; the housing stands with great stability due to sturdy and wide rubber feet located on the bottom.


The housing for Panasonic DMC-LX15, with a tempered glass optic and features M67 thread that allows the use of additional wide angle and macro lenses.


The Panasonic DMC-LX15 own strobe lighting is enhanced thanks to a standard diffuser placed in the provided flash window. For better performance with wide angle lenses, one or two external strobes can be connected by optic fiber bushing.



Isotecnic Srl designs and crafts underwater camera housings and accessories for DSLR, compact, mirrorless and action cameras (GoPro and ZCam) with the signature red brand Isotta. 100% Made in Italy since 1967 Isotta’s family has marketed high-end equipment for underwater video, photography, and lighting, starting its own production in 1980 in Castelnuovo del Garda (Verona), Northern Italy.