Isotta ships housing for RX100 VI and VII

Isotta are shipping their signature red colored aluminum housing for the Sony RX100 Marks VI and VII. It ships with a square port that allows for the full zoom of the camera’s lens. There is also an optional M67 threaded port or the existing M67 port can be used, albeit this will limit the camera’s zoom range. The housing is rated to 100m (330ft)

The Isotta housing for the Sony RX 100 Marks VI and VII is shipping now, priced at €990.

Press release

Isotta Underwater Camera Housing for Sony RX 100 Mark VI and Mark VII

Castelnuovo del Garda (VR), Italy, October, 2020*
ISOTTA is pleased to announce the launch of its new underwater housing for Sony RX 100 Mark VI and Mark VII. This high-quality housing is hand-crafted and 100% made in Italy maximizing the underwater performance of the Sony compact power house.

The durable, corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum body in its signature red color weighs only 1060 grams including port. It is designed to give photographers access to all functionalities of this advanced camera.

This Isotta housing is built in a compact form factor and offers an ergonomic interface with all aluminum controls placed within easy reach of the user’s hand. To make the interface even more convenient all function icons are laser engraved, so that photographers always know which functions they are using – a unique feature of Isotta housings. It’s unique single handed open/close mechanism makes it easy to access the camera.

As all Isotta housings the housing guarantees a watertight seal by having double O-rings on all buttons, dials and removable parts. But just to be sure there is a moisture alarm built in that can warn the user in the unlikely case of a leak with a red LED and an acoustic sound.

The housing is equipped with a square port which allows the user to make use of the full range of the built-in camera zoom. The port is made of high quality materials to ensure a perfect image quality. This flat port is mounted via a secure bayonet mount to the housing.

There is also an alternative port with an M67 thread that allows the usage of macro diopters (AS739). Alternatively, the standard compact port with M67 thread can be used, enabling the use of other M67 accessories but limits the range of the camera zoom (AS761).

The back housing is fully detachable from the front housing. It features a large anti-scratch glass for the camera display.

Working depth of this housing is 100 metres.

Dimensions: 150 mm W. x 140 mm D. x 115 mm H with porthole.
Available from October 2020.
The body has a retail price of 990,00 € Incl. 22% VAT



Isotecnic Srl designs and crafts underwater camera housings and accessories for DSLR, compact, mirrorless and action cameras under its family name brand ISOTTA - 100% made in Italy. Since 1967 the Isotta family has marketed high-end equipment for underwater video, photography and lighting starting its own production in 1980 in Castelnuovo del Garda (Verona), Northern Italy.