Job Opportunity: Digital Correspondent for Mission OceanX

OceanX on Wetpixel

National Geographic and OceanX are seeking a digital producer/editor that can produce video creatives to support the marketing of the Mission OceanX television show and both the organization’s social media channels. The project starts in May the year and will run through until February 2022.

Please see the full job description and the complete the application form.

Job Description

National Geographic and OceanX are seeking a filmmaker and editor with knowledge of social media and digital platforms for a Digital Producer/Editor role. The ideal candidate will have an editorial mindset, strong production/editing skills, and is comfortable both behind and in front of the camera.

The cruise itself is planned to happen from May 2020 to February 2021 and the show Mission: OceanX is supposed to air in 2022. It is a one-year contract position. The Digital Producer/Editor will be responsible for producing and editing top-quality video creative to support the marketing efforts for the network release of the television show and the ongoing social media efforts of the OceanX and Nat Geo accounts. The creative work produced will include (but is not limited to): live/real-time social posts, BTS content, OTF-style interviews, and talent/crew profiles. For full lists of responsibilities, please check the job description website. This creative will be published on Nat Geo and OceanX’s social accounts and various digital platforms and will be distributed widely for use in their promotional campaigns.

Job Requirements

The position requires a certain set of skills. For a full list of requirements, see the official job website. The most important requirements are:

How to Apply

You can apply online by submitting a cover letter and resume here. The deadline for the application is at midnight on March 25, 2020. The job offer remains active even despite the current situation around COVID-19.