Job opportunity: Marketing Coordinator

Lembeh Resort job offer on Wetpixel

Lembeh and Murex Resorts in Indonesia are looking for a media savvy individual to join their team as a Marketing Coordinator. The resorts are both both located in what well be regarded as diving paradise…

Job advert:

Marketing Coordinator for Lembeh Resort and Murex Resort in Manado, Indonesia.

Marketing Coordinator will generate content, manage on going marketing efforts & systems, spear head new opportunities and measure results.

Time will be divided between diving with guests, behind the computer and coaching, managing staff related to marketing. Journalism skills a plus; well versed in all forms of social media, know & understand Google analytics & or other measurement tools; experience with Google AdWords, Facebook advertising and other web based advertising; able to manage multiple tasks and a variety of people (local staff, foreign staff etc). Contact Danny Charlton if interested.