Join Wetpixel for Whale Sharks 2020

Wetpixel is very happy to announce that we will be returning to Isla Mujeres, Mexico once again to witness and document the amazing aggregation of whale sharks (Rhincodon typus). Each year hundreds of these amazing animals gather to feed on the abundant planktonic eggs, providing an amazing and unique natural spectacle. Our trip this year will run from 21 to 27 July, with 5 days on the water, and is strictly limited to a total of 12 participants. Our extensive experience of running trips to the aggregation means that we know exactly how to optimize the trip in order to get the best imaging results possible.

These are snorkeling trips (scuba is not allowed, and would not work well), and we charter local boats with experienced crews that are at sea over 200 days per year. We stay at Hotel Playa La Media Luna, a comfortable and peaceful hotel on the very lovely island.

For more information, please visit the trip’s page, or email Adam Hanlon.