Keldan ships new products

Keldan has announced its full range for 2020. The 8X and 4X lights both have a 20% increase in power and higher CRI values. The Spectrum color correction filter range has been streamlined and refined, as has the Ambient Light filters. In addition, there is a buoyancy collar available for the lights, and a pocket-sized underwater color and white balance target.

The new products are all available now, please see your local Keldan Dealer for pricing.

Press release (via Reef Photo)

Keldan Has Some Great New Gear

Keldan has come up with some amazing new developments in its lighting, accessories, and filters. From a color checker that can be used as a reference to see how accurate your white balance is, to new, brighter and more accurate lights, the 2020 lineup from Keldan Lights is sure to impress.

The entire Keldan Compact Light lineup got an upgrade with up to a 20% power increase and a higher CRI value. The Keldan 8X 95 CRI now has an output of 15,000 lumens while the Keldan 8X 85 CRI version now has 18,000 lumen, a 20% increase! The impressively small Keldan 4X 85 CRI now outputs an outstanding 10,000 lumen!

What’s CRI you ask? It’s a score from 1-100 on how accurately a light represents color. A higher number means the light is more accurate compared to a natural light source (in this case the sun).

For those who just can’t get enough light, check out the impressive new Keldan 18X (30,000 lumen) or the Keldan 24X (35,000 lumen) lights! Both lights have a color temperature of 5,600K with 9 power levels.

Keldan has improved upon its already great design for Spectrum filters. The filters come in -2 and -4 stop varieties with the filters providing -4 and -8 meters of depth respectively. The Red filters also break down into blue, green, and blue-green varieties so you can best choose the Spectrum filter that suits your diving needs.

Keldan’s Ambient Light Filters have now been optimized for performance based on the environment you typically dive in. Do you always try and travel to places with blue water? Then the blue water filter is the choice for you! Is your home base a green water oasis with colorful coldwater coral? Then go green all the way! All of the filter colors: blue, green, and blue-green, come in these both a 6 and 12-meter variety so you can better match your Keldan light’s color to the ambient light that is naturally provided.

Filters made to work with Keldan 4x, 8x, 18x, and 24x Lights

The perfect addition to an 8X or 8M light is the new Keldan Buoyancy Ring. Designed to fit on the barrel of a Keldan 8X or 8M, this tool provides 150g of buoyancy directly to the light. This allows for more streamlined systems and alleviates some of the negative buoyancy on the extremities of your system. Buoyancy rings are also available for Keldan 18x and 24x Video Lights.

An accurate color reference helps in both in-camera shooting and post-production. This Color Checker and Gray Card is a pocket-sized, waterproof card with an industry-standard 24 patches of color for fine-tuning critical color. There is a gray card on the backside that is manufactured to be spectrally flat to provide you with a white balance reference in every situation.