Kenko ships new Teleplus teleconverters

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UK Distributor Intro 2020 has announced that Kenko has released a new range of their popular Teleplus teleconverters. The HD Pro series has additional optical elements and improved coatings, and electrical connection with EXIF data. They are available in 1.4 and 2 X versions and for Nikon F and Canon E mounts.

The Kenko Teleplus HD Pro DGX teleconverters are shipping now. Please consult with your local dealer for pricing.

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Press release

NEW - Kenko TELEPLUS HD Pro Teleconverters

Intro 2020 announces details and availability of the new Kenko TELEPLUS HD pro series of teleconverters.

The TELEPLUS HD pro series replaces the previous TELEPLUS PRO300 series, with redesigned optics and multi-layer coatings, to match contemporary high-resolution DSLR cameras and lenses. The HD pro series joins the existing, new-generation TELEPLUS HD line up (1.4x and 2x types) as a superior series in terms of optical design and coating quality.

Optical Improvements

Optical construction has been redesigned by implementing additional optical elements and improved multilayer, anti-reflection coatings to maintain the original performance of new-generation DSLR cameras and lenses.

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Communication with the Camera

HD pro teleconverters are equipped with all electrical contacts to support communication between the camera and the lens. The focal length and aperture values are recorded in EXIF data and converted to the actual shooting values with the teleconverter attached.

High-end External Finish

The external design has been re-finished in a black leather-tone to perfectly match with the latest lenses and DSLR cameras.

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Compact Size

With approx. 2cm in height for 1.4x type and 4cm for the 2x type these small, compact and convenient to carry tele converters will extend the focal length of the lens providing the photographer a great chance to shoot even more impressive images.

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Suggested Retail Pricing from £219 to £269. Available Now Imported and distributed in the UK & Ireland by Intro 2020 Ltd.

For full details please visit www.intro2020.co.uk.