Lacie Announces Portable SSD Drives

Lacie has announced two new portable SSD drives aimed at creatives. Both can deliver read speeds of up to 1,050 MB/s and write speeds up to 1,000 MB/s, and are available in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities. They use USB 3.2 and are compatible with Windows, Mac and iPad. The SSD Secure has integrated hardware encryption for adde security.

The LaCie Mobile SSD Secure and LaCie Portable SSD will ship this month, priced at £119.99 (500GB), £199.99 (1TB), and £349.99 (2TB) for the Secure version and £109.99 (500GB), £179.99 (1TB), and £349.99 (2TB) for the Portable.

New LaCie Mobile SSD Secure and LaCie Portable SSD Deliver High Performance for a Seamless Workflow

FREMONT, CA – September 14, 2021 – LaCie, the premium brand from Seagate Technology Holdings plc (NASDAQ: STX) today announced the new LaCie Mobile SSD Secure and LaCie Portable SSD. The drives provide up to 2TB of portable capacity and deliver a new standard of performance with enhanced features, so content-creators and tech trailblazers can keep files, movies, and photos secure in one place, wherever they go.

LaCie Mobile SSD Secure and LaCie Portable SSD deliver high performance with read speeds up to 1,050 MB/s and write speeds up to 1,000 MB/s, empowering content-creators with accelerated productivity and the ability to complete file transfers quickly or work directly from the drive. Equipped with additional hardware encryption including a lock/unlock feature in the LaCie Toolkit software, LaCie Mobile SSD Secure differs from LaCie Portable SSD by giving users an added layer of data safety and confidentiality. Both drives use USB 3.2 Gen 2 USB-C technology and are compatible with USB-C and USB 3.0 computers and tablets; the USB-C cable is included in the box. The drives are designed with out-of-the-box compatibility with Windows®, Mac®, and iPad®, and include file mirroring software that allows for seamless file access and syncing across multiple devices1.

Built with a minimalist design that is lightweight, travel-sized, and shock-resistant, LaCie Portable SSD and LaCie Mobile SSD Secure are packaged with LaCie Toolkit software for on-demand and scheduled backups and a one-month Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan2. Creative professionals also have long-term peace of mind with an included three-year limited warranty and Rescue Data Recovery Services to help defend against data loss and retrieval costs 3.

Available this month, LaCie Mobile SSD Secure, exclusively for Apple®, is offered for MSRPs of £119.99 (500GB), £199.99 (1TB), and £349.99 (2TB), and LaCie Portable SSD is offered for £109.99 (500GB), £179.99 (1TB), and £349.99 (2TB).

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