Live Reports: Anilao Underwater Shootout 2018

Live Reports: Anilao Underwater Shootout 2018

Day 2

The Philippines Department of Tourism has arranged for the judges and media attending the Anilao Shootout to get out diving and to sample the underwater delights of the region. Acacia Dive Resort Oliver Ang has arranged a full schedule of diving, with the boats being available to take us out each day.

So the second day of the shootout started with a briefing and a rush about getting diving and photography gear together.

A short walk across the beach and we were off on our way to a dive site called Haides.

This was a reef dive with lots of coral bommies covered is beautiful soft corals and surrounded by fantastic reef life.

My goal was to capture some of my fellow judges and media in action!

Laurent Ballesta

Inon’s Takuya Torii

Eka Gomez

Scubashooter’s (and underwater model) Ivana Orlovich

Dive guide Barry!

The reefs are very beautiful:

We were out for a two tank dive session, so we headed over for a surface interval. Some of us need to nap so, perhaps predictably, high jinks ensued!

There was also time for interviews and model sessions:

Underwater 360’s Andrew Lim

The second site was called Bubbles. Bizarrely, the reef has bubbles percolating through the seabed, along with patches of sand that are hot to touch!

Eka Gomez playing in the bubbles

Once again, the reef was covered in corals:

Ivana did some more modelling for some images

Our next dive was a black water dive. This involves heading out in the dark to an area with a deep drop off and suspending lights attached on a line. In our case, the line went down around 20 meters or so. The deep water inhabitants tend to rise towards the surface, attracted by the lights, providing all sorts of weird and wonderful larval and planktonic critters.

A fantastic day’s diving! Thanks to Acacia Dive Resort and Philippines DOT for the opportunity to sample the beautiful diving in the area! More later…

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