Live Reports: Atlantis ImageMakers 2019

Day 8

So day 8 of the Atlantis ImageMakers event was a travel day, shuttling from the operation’s Resort in Dumaguete to their other Resort in Puerto Galera. We set off with a huge mound of gear early for Dumaguete airport (DGT) and proceeded to persuade the check-in staff that although the scale reads 50 kg, it is actually only 30! Camera gear has a different type of weight than other items etc. It was fascinating to compare notes on our various schemes to try and avoid excess baggage charges. In this instance, however, Atlantis had kindly booked us 50 kg each, and the staff did not weigh carry-ons….so we were all OK!

Seats are for sitting on!

The flight took us to Manila, and we set off for a 3-hour ride South toward Batangas.

Boaz napped

Neha worked

Marty looked worried!

Jonathan looked cool!

The journey went smoothly, and we arrived in plenty of time to catch our ferry over to the island of Mindoro and our home for the next week.

Atlantis’s Resort is actually located in Sabang Bay is well set up, with a large dive center and a camera room. The ImageMakers rapidly colonized both areas!

One of the highlights is being able to try out new gears, and Laowa-Venus Optical kindly shipped a 24 mm f/14 macro 2 x probe lens to the Resort in Puerto Galera, and I had carried the port and gears for it with me.

Tomorrow will see us diving here…very excited to be diving here and to be trying out this exciting new lens combination.

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